What are Hampton Chandeliers and Why You Need Them 

You may have heard Hampton style homes, whether on Long Island or off of the coast of Florida, are all about being light and airy. They have a timeless sophistication mixed with a beachy elegance. Lighting is obviously very important in the interior design handbook for a Hamptons inspired home. And, not just lighting, exaggerated and oversized lighting is very popular. To really make a statement with lighting in almost any room of the home you need the right eye-catching fixtures, so let’s explore Hamptons chandeliers.

What are they?

Hamptons chandeliers are ceiling-mounted, versatile lighting fixtures inspired by the Hamptons style of design. They are basically a collection of lights suspended from the ceiling to make one light fixture. They can be crystal, beaded, ornate, decorative, bright, coastal-inspired and made of raw materials like shells, or antique and traditional. You have many options when trying to find a chandelier that will go with a Hamptons theme. There are also many pendant light fixture options, which are similar to chandeliers but instead of multiple lights, a pendant is a single light. 

What rooms work best for Hamptons chandeliers? 

Chandeliers are a focal point in almost any room including a living or dining room, but also a foyer, bedroom or even an oversized master bathroom or large closet. It is important to consider the size, height and location before you select the perfect Hamptons chandelier.

  • Size: if you hang a chandelier that is too small in a large room it will get lost, while the contrary is true also, if you hang a large chandelier in too small of a room it will distract your other decor. Make sure and take proper measurements of the room you plan to hang a chandelier in so you know the diameter you are looking for when you start shopping. A good rule of thumb is to add the rooms length and width together and that number in inches is the diameter of the chandelier you would want. 
  • Height: since a Hamptons chandelier is sure to be a statement piece in any room you want to make sure and hang it at the right height. Another rule of thumb is a chandelier should be 30 to 34 inches above a table at an 8 foot ceiling height. If the ceiling is higher than that add 3 inches for each additional foot. In open rooms you should typically hang a chandelier so there is about 61/2 feet from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier.
  • Location: a Hamptons chandelier adds value to almost any room. Adjust the size of the chandelier you are looking for to each specific room’s dimensions, and make sure the ceiling of the room you select can support the weight of the fixture. 

Chandeliers make a beautiful statement but can also produce a lot of light which you may not need all of the time. To be able to reduce the amount of the light put off by your Hamptons chandelier consider installing a dimmer. Also, make sure the style of the room matches up to your Hamptons style chandelier and adjust according to the area of the home where it will be hung. You might want something smaller and more elegant and dainty in a master bathroom or closet. While you might want a simple and more subdued pendant light above your kitchen island which is similar to a chandelier. 

Three on trend Hampton chandeliers

  • After some thorough research on Hampton style chandeliers there were a few materials that really stood out as being unique and particularly eye catching. A chandelier that really made a statement was featured in the center of a living room. It showcased a new take on an old look, and comprised 7 tiers of decorative metal with an antique brass finish. This fixture used LED lights instead of traditional bulbs which was a great eco- and wallet friendly design concept.
  • Another winner was a large white washed 6-light chandelier made from hand carved white rods. A stunning light fixture. It had a magical quality when looked at and had an almost  fairy tail evervescence. This fixture measured 36 inches in diameter and would be breathtaking in a large master bedroom or living room. 
  • The personal favorite was a three tiered, beaded chandelier which was simplistic yet romantic and would look perfect when hung in a large master bedroom or closet. It had been classically detailed with cascading ivory beads and equipped with an iron chain. An all time favorite and safe bet for any home, the chandelier measured 33 inches in diameter. 

There are so many options to choose from when looking at Hamptons chandeliers, but do not get overwhelmed. Remember to take the proper measurements of the room you intend to hang the fixture in before you start shopping. Think about size, height and the location of the chandelier and hopefully it will make the elimination process easier.

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