How CBD Can Help Your Skin’s Appearance

Even if you have beautiful skin (and we tend to think everyone does), you may not be seeing the best your skin has to offer in terms of overall appearance of health and wellness if you aren’t using products that help bring out its natural glow.  If your skin seems dull, uneven, plagued with patches that are dry, oily, or scaly, you may need to boost your skin care routine and thereby boost your skin’s aesthetic appearance.  

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your skin care is to invest in a CBD glow kit.  A CBD glow kit consists of an entire CBD skin care line that you can use morning and night in place of your current skin care products.  A great CBD glow kit will consist of a cleanser, daytime moisturizer, a heavy duty full spectrum CBD serum, and a night repair cream.  These products work together to deliver to your skin the optimum results full spectrum CBD products can offer.

If you’re interested in taking your skin care to the next level, here’s an overview of what you can expect from a CBD glow kit.  

Full Spectrum CBD Exfoliating Cleanser

Any cleanser is okay for your skin, right?  After all, you just wash it away-how important can a cleanser actually be?  The answer may surprise you; it’s incredibly important to wash your face with a quality cleanser.  Not only are you trusting this product to effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin, you’re priming your skin for every other product you will use after you wash it.  If your cleanser isn’t doing its job, there’s a real risk of your other products not being able to effectively penetrate your skin and do their job.  

CBD exfoliating cleansers are essential because they not only remove the layer of dead skin cells and other unwanted irritants, they cleanse deeply because they are CBD oil based.  CBD oil is effective at removing oil in places where your skin may be overproducing it because of the fact that oil is effective in dissolving other oils.  This phenomenon is referred to as “oil cleansing.”  

A great exfoliating cleanser sets the state for the remainder of your products and is essential in ensuring your pores are properly cleansed and ready for the healing and restorative benefits of the other products you use.  

CBD Anti-Aging Moisturizer

No matter how old you are, we promise, anti-aging moisturizers are for you.  You can never start using all natural anti-aging ingredients too soon.  In fact, CBD is a great all-natural anti-aging compound that has gained popularity in skin products due to its complex makeup of antioxidants.  

Providing you have prepped your skin with a CBD exfoliating cleanser, you can apply a full spectrum CBD anti-aging moisturizer to your skin and allow it to penetrate deeply beneath the skin’s surface.  CBD anti-aging moisturizers help smooth and even your skin, delivering a healthy glow that helps your skin appear more youthful and radiant over time.  

CBD Glo Serum

Once you’ve applied your daytime moisturizer, it’s time to apply a serum.  Glo serums are so named because users usually report that after using them their skin takes on a healthy glow of radiant wellness.  It’s important your serum contains full spectrum CBD (CBD that contains all the other fibers, nutrients, cannabinoids, and terpenes available in the hemp plant) so that you achieve the “entourage effect.”  The entourage effect refers to all parts of the hemp plant that are extracted with CBD oil working synergistically together to deliver maximum benefit to your skin.  

It’s important you apply your serum after your moisturizer, as a serum will form a protective seal on your skin locking in all the beneficial, hydrating and restorative ingredients of your products so that they can go to work healing and helping without disruption from outside irritants.  

Night Repair Moisturizer

In the evening, you’ll want to use your CBD glow kit exactly as you did in the morning with one exception; switch out the daytime anti-aging moisturizer with the nighttime repair moisturizer.  A CBD night repair moisturizer should contain not only full spectrum CBD but other beneficial ingredients such as retinol and probiotics.  These ingredients are best applied at night as they do their best work when your skin does its own natural healing.  

You can definitely double up on your CBD serum and use it at nighttime if you prefer, however it is still important that the serum be applied after the nighttime repair moisturizer for the most effective results.

CBD is an all-natural, plant derived compound that boasts the ability to renew and refresh your skin, improve its overall elasticity and tone, and deliver a beautiful, healthy glow.  Using a CBD glow kit in place of your current skin care routine is a smart choice for anyone who feels their skin lacks luster or simply wants to amp up their already healthy looking complexion.  

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