Do-It-Yourself Laser Hair Removal

Are you sick of shaving, waxing, or using hair removal creams to take care of hair removal at home? Laser hair removal offers an excellent alternative to other options for hair removal. It might be more comfortable and effective than other tactics you’ve tried. Here’s what you need to know about do it yourself laser hair removal.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal has some significant advantages over other types of hair removal. Here are a few of the reasons why laser hair removal might be the best option for you:


Laser hair removal has permanent effects on the follicles it that it affects. Many people find that their skin remains smooth for months or even years after treatment. It is hard to find a comparable treatment to give you these kinds of long-term results. Different people have different results, but most people are very happy with the long-term results that come from laser hair removal.

Relatively Painless

The experience of having your hair removed by laser is similar to having a rubber band snapped against your skin. Most people find that the initial treatment is the most painful. Treatments are progressively less painful after that. Everyone experiences laser hair removal differently, but most people find it tolerable and much less painful than waxing.

If you’re concerned about the pain level of laser hair removal, do it yourself home laser hair removal is an even better option for you since it is generally slightly less powerful and therefore less painful than salon laser hair removal.


It is much easier to fit laser hair removal into your routine than other options. Just do it once a month and watch your hair get lighter, finer, and disappear entirely. Unlike waxing, for which you need to let the hair grow out between waxes, or shaving, which must be done every day or even twice a day, laser hair removal is a very convenient option to fit into your routine.

At-home treatments are even easier to fit into your routine than trips to a salon. You may need to have between half-a-dozen and a dozen treatments once a month to accomplish your hair reduction goals. That’s a lot of commitment if you need to go to the dermatologist or salon every month, but it isn’t nearly as much trouble if you’re doing at-home hair removal.

Tips for Do-it-Yourself Laser Hair Removal

Using a laser removal handset at home isn’t hard, but it is important to follow these tips to make sure that you have a great experience:

Choose a Great Handset

The handset is extremely important to your laser hair removal experience. Poor quality units may not work or may even do damage to your skin. Make sure that you choose from highly rated laser hair removal handsets with at least 10 years worth of flashes to keep you hair-free for a long time to come. You’ll pay about the same price as for a single treatment at the dermatologist for a great handset, so it is well worth the investment.

Stick to the Routine

It can be tempting to go a few extra weeks between treatments or try to rush treatments when doing laser hair removal at home. However, laser hair removal is most effective when it is used on a regular routine. Removing hair more often can damage your skin and is unlikely to speed results. Removing hair less often means you may miss the critical period during which your follicle is growing, which will mean you need more treatments to get the results you’re looking for.

Take Care of Your Skin

It is very important that you avoid sun exposure while you are undergoing laser hair removal. Sun exposure can make your skin more sensitive to the laser, which may make undesirable pigment changes more likely. Be sure that you use a high SPF sunscreen and shield your skin from the sun while you are undergoing treatment and for about a month before and after treatment.

Don’t Use Any Other Kinds of Hair Removal but Shaving

For the first few treatments of laser hair removal, you are unlikely to get the results that you want. You may need to do something else to take care of your hair between treatments. Shaving is the only kind of hair removal that is acceptable during laser hair removal. Other kinds of treatment, like hair removal cream or waxing, remove hair from the root, removing the follicle that laser hair removal needs to treat.

Try a Do-it-Yourself Laser Hair Removal Routine

laser hair removal can be a very easy and effective way to get smooth skin at home at a reasonable cost. Be sure that you purchase a high-quality unit and use it as directed, and you are likely to be very happy with the long-term hair loss results that you get.

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