Energy Vampires and your Utility Bill

If you are trying, but failing, at creating an energy-efficient home and reducing your electricity consumption, the logical explanation might be “energy vampires.”

With the cheapest electricity rate and energy vampires out of your home, you can expect a decrease in your utility bills and more disposable income at the end of each month. If you want to save more, you can also compare Ohio electricity rates for the best deal that fits your needs.

Here, our experts discuss energy vampires, how to identify these items in your home, and how to stop the drain on your power so that you can decrease your energy costs.

What is an Energy Vampire?

An energy vampire is an appliance that leeches power even when it is off. It often goes unnoticed as it is also known as standby power. It can account for 20% of your monthly energy consumption, so if you care about energy and want to live in an energy-efficient home, these silent energy-suckers are unwelcome.

Why do appliances waste energy?

Every cord that is plugged into an outlet is drawing electricity. Although many electronic gadgets have standby or sleep modes, these still use energy to connect to servers, perform updates, or record data. Modern technology is amazing, but it is also the main reason our devices need so much energy.

Available power means your appliances respond when you want to use them. For example, when the TV is off, it receives a signal from the remote. However, convenience like this takes its toll, so if you start noticing an increase in your electricity bills, there is probably a few energy vampires that need attention in your home.

There are dozens of household electronics and devices that affect your monthly bills. Many of these appliances are plugged in for convenience, but they consume lots of excess energy over time.

Here are the top energy vampires that are increasing your utility bill:

  • Kitchen appliances – Microwaves, coffee machines, blenders, and toasters
  • Living room appliances – TV, cable box, stereo, video game consoles, and DVD player
  • Bedroom appliances – Alarm clocks, laptop chargers, cell phone chargers, and AC units
  • Bathroom appliances – Hairdryers, electric shavers, curling irons, electric toothbrush chargers
  • Home office electronics – Laptops, desktop PCs, printers, and copy machines

Energy vampires can be a huge problem if you let them suck out your energy with impunity.

Some of the sneakiest sources are:

  • External power supplies
  • Devices that require a remote control
  • Chargers

Tips on How to Slay Energy Vampires

Now that you know what an energy vampire is, consider some ways to cut back on energy use:

Unplug devices and appliances that you don’t use often

It is safe to assume that you don’t use all your household appliances daily. If you have some items that you use occasionally, make sure these aren’t wired.

Pay attention to old TVs, desktop PCs, video game consoles, and other large devices.

Use surge protectors and power strips

It is inconvenient to disconnect each appliance after using it, but if several electronic devices are plugged into one outlet, it will be easier to run off the set.

Another idea is a surge protector—you can use it as a control center to collect power only when the outlet is on. Many home offices or entertainment systems use this technology to control multiple devices, such as video game consoles, printers, speakers, and laptops.

Remove the charger as soon as your smartphone is fully charged

It is easy to forget a charger in the outlet after you are done charging your cell phone. It is far from efficient, drawing almost as much power as when it is in use, so be sure to unplug it every time.

It is these kinds of small ideas that provide huge electricity reduction opportunities and decrease your utility bill.

How to Save Energy at Home

Slaying energy vampires and being more conscious of your usage goes a long way toward an energy-efficient home.

Easy home improvements, small habits, and smart energy-saving tips add up to considerable electricity savings and lower Ohio electricity rates

You can also try:

  • Using smarter (LED) bulbs
  • Measuring your electricity and knowing how much energy each appliance in your home uses
  • Using smart products (consider home automation)
  • Choosing renewable energy
  • Turning off light switches

Implementing these tips is a surefire way to slay the energy vampires and cut your monthly costs down.

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