Why Paintings Are Better than Photos

There are hundreds of thousands of arguments on the internet as to which is better, paintings or photographs. Some people staunchly defend the photograph’s being instant, while some argue that the timelessness of a painting has more merits.

A photograph can be taken in an instant, as long as you have the technology in the form of a camera. Anyone has access to a camera nowadays. Even your phones have cameras. That’s how instant a photograph is. On the other hand, a painting requires more time and resources to be done. A painting can take years to finish, depending on the painter and subject itself.

Paintings take up much time in a grueling process. It can take weeks, sometimes even years just to create the perfect portrait that will satisfy you on a personal level. Considering the effort, time, resources, and even emotions the painter has to give for a single portrait, paintings can be considered as more profound than photographs.

A painting does not just include the subject, the painting itself also encompasses the emotions of the painter, the manner and mood of how the brush was stroked to the painting. When you see a good photograph, you appreciate the scenic beauty of the shot, photoshopped or not. But when you see a good painting, you do not just become curious about the subject, but you become interested on what’s going on in the painter’s mind while doing the artwork.

Photographs are ever changing as technology evolves. Consequently, digital photographs get lost as the technology evolves, which is a bit ironic. Technology is supposed to evolve for the better, but how come its evolution is one of the main reasons digital photographs can’t be accessed.

Paintings transcend time. Some paintings that have been around for hundreds of years are still present up to this day, in its original form. That’s why some people prefer paintings over photographs, and with PaintYourLife, they are offering a chance to turn your beloved photos to paintings.

PaintYourLife offers services to turn your favorite photographs into superb portrait arts. Over 300 talented artists around the world have been working together to make your photos even more meaningful, unique, and hand-made exactly how you want them to be.

PaintYourlife creates the impossible. They have been making revolutionary portrait arts that reflect the imagination and creativity of their clients. PaintYourLife has an endless list to prove why paintings are better than photographs, and why you should turn your favorite photographs into paintings.

Here are a few of them:

  1.   Send a Clear Message – There’s this very popular saying that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which is so true in every level. A portrait has the ability to express emotions, represent the exact moment, and capture what a whole story can express in just one portrait.
  1.   Enhance Photo with Embellishments – PaintYourLife offers you the chance to enhance your photo and create a magical and dreamlike scene to relive your favorite memories.
  1.   Unite Generations – PaintYourLife really creates the impossible. By just sending separate photos of people you wish to bring together in real-life, they can bring them together on canvas.
  1.   Transcend Time and Place – PaintYourLife also can transcend time and space to bring people who live separately across the globe together in one group portrait.
  1.   Bring Old Photos Back to Life – PaintYourLife can take an old, distressed, and ripped photo and bring it back to life. Who wouldn’t want to look at a grandfather’s portrait that’s been infused with realistic hues?
  1.   Celebrate a Lifetime of Achievement – PaintYourLife also creates a customized portrait that tells a story through time, exactly the way you want it to be told. It’s like a whole book that acknowledges a loved-one’s life highlights and achievements in one meaningful, thoughtful, and hand-painted portrait.

Paintings are worth more than photographs, as there can only be one portrait of its kind in this world. Portraits just don’t talk about artistic value, but also the emotions every portrait manifests that you can’t find in a photograph.

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