Tips for Preparing Your Boat to Dock Including Hurricane Preparation

Searching for ways to dock your boat safely?

When preparing to dock your boat what should be done is important, especially if there is a hurricane coming.

There are a number of things that you need to consider. Docking your boat safely can mean the difference between you having a safe boat and one that may require repair.’

It can be challenging to dock a boat for the first time but there are a few tips you should bear in mind in order to secure your boat. Take a look at these tips.

Communicate With the Marina

If you dock your boat at a marina or a public access point it is important that you stay up-to-date on the type of measures they want you to follow. This is especially important during the hurricane season.

Some facilities will not let you keep your boat at their dock during a hurricane. Others will require that you take your boat elsewhere. If you are docking your boat during winter. Ask the marina if they use a dock de-icer to keep your boat from being damaged.

Remove Loose Objects

You should remove all items that are loose from your boat when preparing for a hurricane. Here is a shortlist of some of the things you should remove.

  • decor
  • furniture
  • linens
  • decor
  • perishables

All these things will be thrown around in the boat and get damaged during a hurricane.

When Preparing to Dock Your Boat What Should be Done

Now that you know how to keep your boat safe during a hurricane or icy conditions. You need to know how to dock the boat safely.

The first thing you need to do is prepare docks lines on your bow and the stern. Make sure you attach fenders. Line up the boat and take a good look at the survey area.

Ensure that you are taking a good look at the wind and water conditions. Use intermittent acceleration and proceed cautiously towards the dock. Take your time and navigate into the boat slip or pull up alongside the dock.

Tie up your boat securely. You can tie the boat onto the cleats, posts, or even pilings using dock lines.

Once you practice the steps often enough it will become second nature for you. Just ensure that you pay attention to where other boats are and the condition of the current and you will become an expert quickly.

Stay Safe

You now know when preparing to dock your boat what should be done. Always ensure that you follow the safety precautions outlined here when there is a hurricane. Practice docking your boat in good weather conditions regularly to prepare for more difficult weather.

Doing this will help you to enjoy your boating experiences and keep your boat safe at all times. If you would like more informative tips please visit the business section of our website.

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