Should you hire commercial movers for a small move?

If you read the title and you are already convinced that the answer is no, you should really take a couple of minutes and read this article! Hiring commercial movers for a small job in Toronto might seem like a waste of time and money, at a first glance. However, it is exactly the contrary. As a business owner or manager, you definitely understand the importance of money and time and you are all about the efficient consumption of resources. The process of organizing a commercial move in Toronto is money, time, and energy-consuming. And the best way to optimize these three is by hiring professional commercial movers, even if we are talking about a small move. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire commercial movers in Toronto.

They will save you money

Professional commercial movers will ensure an efficient organization of your small move. They can even do the packing for you and you can bet it will not take them long to pack all the office and load it in one or two trucks. At the same time, your own employees will be available for their usual chores. This means you will not have to disrupt your operational activity in order to pack for a move, as it would happen if you wouldn’t book with commercial movers and stick to moving by yourself instead. While professional movers do the heavy lifting, packing, and loading, your own employees and staff can just mind their own work. Depending on its profile, your business might actually have a good chance of remaining fully operational during the move. You will also save money through the fact that movers bring their own equipment and supplies – but we will tell you more about this in one of the paragraphs below.

You will not stress your employees

Yes, we all agree that commercial moves are stressful. It doesn’t even matter whether we talk about small moves or huge moves, they are still stressful starting from the point where you need to drive a moving truck all the way through Toronto. Do not leave this on the shoulders of your employees! They are already stressed enough because of having to adjust to going to work in another part of the city from now on. Don’t give them the extra hassle of having to pack the office and load the truck by themselves! Besides, heavy lifting and stair climbing carrying weights might not be their hobby, so better leave this in the hands of professional moving services specialized in commercial moves. Your employees are your greatest asset, so respect them as such and let them just mind their own jobs. We guarantee they will appreciate this respect you are showing them.

Your equipment stays safe

You definitely have computers and other accessories and furniture you must move. Do you really want to risk damaging them because they were improperly handled by your employees or by yourself? It only takes one second of not paying enough attention to break a large screen. Besides, do you have moving blankets and all the other moving supplies that a commercial move implies? A professional moving company specialized in commercial moves will definitely know how to safely pack your things and how to properly stack them inside the moving truck. This way, your computers and all data on them will stay safe throughout the entire moving process.

Your goods are insured

Accidents do happen, as many precautions as one might take. However, in case of unwanted accidents, a reputable commercial moving company will be able to pay you back for any damage they caused. Of course, no one would want to have a scratched desk or a broken screen, but these things sometimes happen, as careful as we are. Commercial movers are usually licensed and insured, so you will not have to worry about having to pay for potential damages from your own pocket. Make sure to always book with reliable commercial movers, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises! Check out the website of your commercial movers and see whether and what insurance they provide, before deciding to hire them!

They will bring their own equipment

Moving supplies and equipment can get a little expensive. Even if you have a small commercial move to handle, you still need quite a lot of supplies and equipment. From the moving truck to cranes and containers, you should rent everything, should you decide to move without the help of movers. These end up costing a lot, if taken one by one. But if you make the smart choice and hire commercial movers, they will bring everything they need. If you book with a company whose policy implies having all costs included in the hourly rate, you will not have to worry about paying extra! Let’s Get Moving is this kind of company. Everything movers use for your commercial move in Toronto is included in the price and the final bill will not surprise you with any extra or hidden fees.

We hoped we managed to explain properly why hiring commercial movers in Toronto is the best choice, even when talking about a small move. If you need professional movers at affordable rates, call us now and we will be happy to provide with a free estimate, to convince you we are the best choice when it comes to commercial movers in Toronto!

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