How Do You Tie a Tie?

Proms, weddings, or a black-tie event are times that nearly force a young man or grown man to give up his casual clothing for a night of formal wear. Often (if not all the time) in order to perfect the look in a formal suit or tuxedo, a tie is necessary. For many men, when it is their first time attending such an event is often met with the question, “how do I tie a tie?” Some can find someone who can help and others are left on their own to figure it out. There are also quite a few men who may have tied a tie once for their prom and then many years later are faced with having to be confronted with the same dilemma and ask the same question.

Whether it’s your first time tying a tie or your second time, the following tips and step-by-step guide below will surely make it easy for you to tie a tie successfully. There are various types of knots that give you a completely different look when you wear them and often the best way to tie a tie is to choose a knot that matches your attire and personality. But before you even take steps to learn how to tie fancier knots in ties, it is better to learn how to tie a tie the traditional way; which is called the Simple Knot. 

The Simple Knot

The Simple Knot, also known as the Oriental Knot, has earned its name because of the extremely simple and short steps needed to tie a tie. A simple knot is one of the most convenient and easy-to-remember ways to tie a tie with minimal effort and minal memorization. Its simple and elegant look makes it the best go-to for many suits. To tie a tie in a Simple Knot, you have to:

1)   Hold the tie around your neck in such a way that its backside faces away from you.

2)   Keep the side of the wide end longer than the other.

3)   Move the wide end under the small end.

4)   Round it and bring it back over the small end, such that it creates a loop at the front of the neck.

5)   Place the wide end into the neck loop from underneath.

6)   Now, pass it down the loop you’ve just created.

7)   Pull the wide end to fasten the knot.

8)   Stretch the smaller end to move the knot closer to the neck.

When to Use a Simple Tie?

Though this is the simplest way to tie a tie, it is important to know when to use the Simple Knot method. If you have a job that requires you wear a tie daily, you should consider a simple tie as your best and daily option. Trust me, no need to be fancy in the office and you won’t have to worry about getting to the office late.

Quick Tips for Simple Knot:

–   The simple knot is best paired with narrow collar shirts. This is because its knot is smaller in size and doesn’t leave much space between the collar.

–   If you’re looking to wear a thick tie, you wouldn’t want to make it look huge for your neck. This is where a simple knot shows its magic.

–   Similarly, when you have a small tie, you’d want to use every inch so that it doesn’t look too short for the shirt. A simple knot does not cover up too much space and, therefore, is best suited for all the short-length ties in your wardrobe. 

If you have an above-average height and a good physique, then you should look for a wide and long tie in your wardrobe.

– If you’re slim and have a smaller height, then you should prefer short and slender ties, as they would complement your personality.

 – The tie should be tied in such a way that its tip reaches the buckle of your waist. Any discrepancy from this size will make you look unattractive and boring.

Whether starting a professional career or going to a formal event, you’ll realize that it becomes a necessity to know how to tie a tie. To rely on someone else to tie a tie for you should not be a consistent way to operate since in a pinch you can easily be stuck having to research and figure out how to tie a tie and run the risk of being late to an event or to work. Not good at all!! Whether you’re looking to casually wear a tie or look good on a dinner date, the knowledge of how to tie a tie will come handy in lots of ways. Wouldn’t it also be nice if you were the one people came to instead of the other way around? 

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