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If we start from a determined social configuration as something given and unchangeable, the economy the productive activity that takes place within it is subject to principles and laws that must necessarily be met in order to achieve the objectives that society sets for itself.

Laws of Economy

Hence, there are those who speak of universal principles or laws of the economy that man cannot change or modify at will, and to which he must voluntarily or involuntarily submit. And certainly, given that such laws or principles arise, we repeat, from a certain social organization accepted as a starting point, they cannot be set aside, changed or modified, if it is not by changing or modifying, little, much or radically, the configuration social origin that originates them.

But, since both the social organization and the productive activity within it are the result of the activity of human beings throughout their history, it is evident that both society and the economy can be modified or replaced by something better when its builders decide at what cost and under what circumstances is something that falls outside of this article. Therefore, the laws and principles that govern both, universal at some point, but never eternal, cannot be treated or followed like the laws of gravity or those of quantum mechanics, as those who feel owners of the truth claim. Look for the Best internet marketing program is essential.

Definitive and heralds of the last link of social evolution

Now, the capitalist or market economy requires, for its proper functioning, of:

  1. a minority social class that, by various ways, ways and mechanisms that we cannot detail here, has managed to concentrate in its hands most of the means of production that is, everything that in some way and to a different extent is necessary for the elaboration of the material goods that society demands to live and develop, the means of circulation money in all its forms and functions; and all means of life food, clothing, shoes, medicine, and so on.
  2. Of a great social mass deprived of the elements mentioned above and, therefore, forced to work at the service of the former in exchange for a salary that allows it to survive together with its own.
  3. Both sectors, that of owners and that of employees, they require a market where they can buy and sell what their social function and their biological and spiritual life demand of them.
  4. In the midst of them there must be a very important group –which by economy of space we will call “middle class” that performs a great variety of tasks, without which the other two sectors could not carry out theirs.

Above all and guaranteeing the stability of the whole, the State must be found. The state must be found. The state must be found.

This is a very tight synthesis of the configuration of a commodity-producing society. we repeat, the stratum that owns the means of production, the mass of wage earners, the middle class that owns multiple and important skills, the market and the State that guarantees the whole.

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