Importance of NCERT Exemplar Books

NCERT Exemplar books serve as an excellent book for students of Class 6 to score high marks in the board examinations. Students can self-assess themselves by using these books. Exemplar books are formulated by the NCERT board itself, which covers all the essential concepts which are helpful for students while preparing for the board exams.

Usually, Class 6 students learn new concept-oriented topics from 6th onwards; hence Class 6 is important in one’s career. NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 6 is the best study material that any student can rely on, and these books help students in their exam preparation to score high marks. These books are also designed for all the standards, irrespective of the grade the student is studying in. The questions in the board exams are usually asked from these books since the CBSE board mostly prefers NCERT books.

NCERT Exemplar Science books help students in learning new topics related to plants and animals. It also discusses environmental issues like water pollution, air pollution, etc. Students need to understand the concepts firstly rather than just memorizing. They can also find important questions related to all these topics in one place. To serve students purposes, NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 6 Science is provided here to help students achieve their goals. These textbooks are the best resource and study material for students which are helpful for the overall improvement in academics.

Few benefits of using NCERT Exemplar books:

NCERT Exemplar books are prescribed by the CBSE Board itself to help students prepare for their board exams at ease. Here are a few significant benefits of using NCERT Exemplar books:

  • Highly experienced expert tutors having vast knowledge about the subject have prepared the solutions depending upon the students grasping abilities.
  • Questions in the board papers are usually asked from NCERT books alone as these books strictly follow the CBSE syllabus.
  • Students can refer to the previous year’s sample papers to know the kind of questions that are repeated and are important from the exam point of view.
  • NCERT Exemplar Science solutions are explained using examples and illustrations for students to understand the concepts easily.
  • Students can also prepare for other competitive exams as well using these NCERT Exemplar books.
  • A wide variety of questions are given in the NCERT Exemplar textbook after each chapter for students to practise and for better understanding of the concepts.
  • These books also provide detailed explanations for all the topics present in the Class 6 science textbook.

With the help of NCERT Exemplar books, students can prepare themselves as per their study plan and can score the desired marks in the board examination. By knowing the exam pattern and weightage of each chapter students can prepare accordingly. Hence, studying from these NCERT Exemplar books, students build their knowledge gaps and can boost their confidence levels. Students are also advised to take up mock tests so that they can know their weaker sections and can improvise on it. Note down important points while preparing, which helps in revision during exam time. Hence, students have to thoroughly go through NCERT Science Solutions of Class 6 to achieve your goals of scoring 95% marks in the board exams.

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