Tips for Staying Calm When Organising a Chaotic Event

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You prepare for weeks or even months to successfully host a corporate event. If given the responsibility, you want things to fall into place. However, even if you tried your best, you might still encounter problems. If it’s a big event that involves hundreds of attendees, anything can go wrong. It can be chaotic and out of control. Here are some tips to help you get through the challenge and survive.

Realise that you’re working with a team

Regardless of the event, you’re organising; you have a team. If you don’t, it’s why things are falling apart. When you’re in a team, you know there are people to contact to attend to some issues. Team leaders can ask their subordinates to deal with the problem. You will retain your supervisory role and not panic. You make the commands and decisions, but there are people on the ground to do things.

For instance, you decided to host a fairground. You can either form a team of employees to pursue this activity or work with a fairground stall hire company. It’s easier to choose the latter since these people are experts. They know what to do to succeed in making this event happen. If something goes wrong, there’s no reason to panic.

Look at your alternatives

When organising an event, make sure you have alternatives. While you feel confident that things will go in the right direction, you can’t predict what might happen next. So, you should have alternatives to keep things going. The lack of a plan B will make you panic. If your plan starts to falter, you don’t have anything to fall back on.

Take it one step at a time

Sure, several things are happening at the same time during an event. Problems might also come at once and overwhelm you. Since you cannot attend to all problems simultaneously, you must go through them as they come. If not, you should start with the emergencies and deal with the rest later. You can also pass the responsibility to the next person on the ground. It’s easier to solve the problem if you don’t panic.

Make sure you have security in place

When the event involves dozens of attendees, it could be a security risk. If something wrong happens, you could be liable. Therefore, it pays to have security in place. These people will respond to unwanted incidents. They will also ensure everyone stays safe. In addition, the attendees will feel more confident if they know there are security personnel in the area.

The last thing you must do is panic during a chaotic event. It won’t help you face the situation. Your team members count on you to do what’s right. They will also listen to your commands before doing anything. Therefore, you should be alert and on top of everything. Once the event is over, don’t forget to ask for feedback since you want future events to be better.

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