World Is Switching from DVR to NVR, Know Why?

When you talk about the security system, the first thing that comes to your mind is which system should you buy. There are many options available in the market, it is a task to find which system would fit your needs. Video surveillance is one of the most vital components of the security system, be it for residential property or commercial. While there are numerous changes that security industry undergoes each day, not all are known and accepted by a lot of people. One of the major changes accepted all around in this list is switching from Analog to IP cameras. It is mainly because using HD cameras with IP system benefits you with various security advantages of network storage to video-based surveillance. Hence the next important change is switching from Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to Network video recorder (NVR).

If you are still contemplating why should you switch from DVR to NVR system, then here are some reasons that will help you analyse your decision

  1. Analog is outdated – Security technology undergoes advancements and introduces new systems almost every month. This rapidly evolving approach has resulted in the extinction of low-quality cameras. The new products are easy to install, maintain, and upgrade in comparison with the older ones. Also, repairing an analogue system is costlier than the IP systems. Hence switching to NVR system is the new technology and thus easy to manage.
  2. Easy installation – It is a common misconception that the newly introduced technologies are more complex to install than the older ones. Although, this is not the case, as manufacturers have brought in features like universal plug-and-play camera recognition. It makes NVR installations easy to be installed. Installation ease is one of the primary focus of IP cameras that makes NVRs simpler to install than DVRs.
  3. Cost-effective – Another myth in the market is that what’s new is always significantly expensive than the older ones. Yes, the DVR system is cheaper to buy than NVR, but remember the NVR system is more efficient regarding data and storage management and video surveillance requirement. It suggests that even though the NVR system costs you a little more than DVR, it offers you better security and ease in management of the system.
  4. Scalability – The security needs of property changes with time as you may realise the need for adding more cameras to the security system. The migration of IP cameras proves to be the most sensible choice for this reason. The network IP camera system can be installed using the analogue cameras that are already existing in your property.
  5. Reliability – IP video systems have proven to be more durable, reliable and faster than the older DVR systems. The features of NVR along with RAID data management and professional hard drives, make NVR a better option over DVRs anytime.
  6. Manageability – The biggest advantage from a security perspective that NVRs offer is the feature to access video files from any location. It is done using mobile apps and remote clouds.

These points are enough to prove that switching to NVR from DVR will make your security system more effective.

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