Top 4 Tending Bathroom Design Ideas for Millennial

One of the most popular buzzwords in the past few years has been the term “Millennial”. These are the people born from the early 80s to the mid-90s (1981-1996, to be precise). Today, many of the new homeowners are from this age group and many of them have a keen interest in registering their imprint on the design and concept of different rooms in their houses. As someone who has recently bought a house, I played an active part with my interior designer to get the feel for a perfect Millennial Friendly Bathroom Design.

I thought that many people would benefit from the ideas of Interior design for the bathroom that I learned. Since I am a millennial myself and have a very fresh look into design ideas, through this blog I wanted to help people who might get inspiration from some of the ideas I gathered from the time I was during my PGs in Bangalore days to the time I became homeowner myself!

Top Millennial Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

  1. Make it Tech-Savvy

When I was looking for a suitable house on Nobroker mobile app, I was particularly checking for apartments that have a fairly large bathroom. A part of the house that often gets ignored, bathrooms are more important than you’d think. One of the biggest trends in terms of home utilities today is the use of technology to enhance the experience and this ranks as the first in the list for millennial bathroom ideas. You can hi-tech sensors such as temperature-controlled showers and steam room in the bathroom. You can also buy some cool lights and showerheads that are Bluetooth-enabled and can elevate the mood when you are using the room.

  1. Add Entertainment

When I was looking for some inspirational interior design for the bathroom I got them from what I liked the most – being entertained in an audiovisual way! Today, with so many connected devices in the house such as smart speakers and home assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home, why can’t we have some entertainment in the bathroom? You can install voice-controlled speakers and TV sets to watch something or listen to music while relaxing.

  1. Keep it Minimal

Another interior design for bathroom trend that certainly picking up is the philosophy of less is more. Being minimalist in design is using as little props and furniture as possible to bring out the best part of the room. This can be seen in many of the millennial-friendly bathroom concepts that showcase the latest trends and what people are looking for. You can let the bathroom space breathe properly by not stuffing it with unnecessary pieces of furniture.

  1. Commitment to Sustainability

One of the most crucial changes in interior design for bathrooms in recent times has been the preference given to sustainable products and furniture. Most of the millennial homeowners are always concerned about the carbon footprint that they are leaving behind due to the use of different materials in furniture etc. Choosing sustainability is making the right choices such as using solar energy for water heating, and installed showerheads that use less water than those which waste a lot more.

With the above mentioned millennial bathroom ideas, I can guarantee you that you will have the perfect bathroom that will leave everyone flabbergasted! These are just some of the things I learned myself, when you design your bathroom, you can add your creativity to instill your imprint.

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