The Most Valuable Tips for First Time Backpackers to Travel Safely

“Some journeys can be only traveled alone!” -Ken Poirot.

Once you start going on a solo backpacking trip, there’s no stopping. You will want to go camping across the world and find a new you traveling solo. What’s the big deal about traveling solo?

After all, you may have to start looking for electric tea kettle prices or even the thermal inner-wear. These are crucial to take along on the trip. However, there should be a method to the madness, and so here are a few tips.

Learn about the Currency and More 

The first thing to do is to know where to get the local currency, perhaps a SIM card of a local mobile. You will also need to have a local road map and, if possible, the local app cab or public transport cards or passes.

There will be multi-day cards to use to travel safely in the government-sponsored buses or trains to local attractions. Get these as the first itself if possible in the airport itself.

Pre-book Accommodation and Confirm 

Book tickets, book hotels, especially if you travel solo. You may go for dormitories if you can get these as they are cheap. It is fine if you travel as a couple or are confident enough. Go for a single occupancy room you don’t want to risk. Staying in hostels or camping is fun and a completely different experience. If you plan a trip, let’s say to Everest or Pangong Tso, you will not find hotels. There will be campsites only for you to opt for.

Have Easy to Make Food 

If you plan to use the kitchens in these hostels, keep some raw materials ready with you. You may require various powders for elaborate recipes. So, buy the best mixer grinder in India 2022 and prepare some homemade masala for lip-smacking dishes.

Nevertheless, you will get a functional microwave or induction stoves to manage the foods. Ready-to-eat foods from top brands are also great, and they are the most affordable ones too.

Stay Alert Always 

Right from the time you leave your home, you are taking complete responsibility for yourself. You will need to take your things and not be careless. Do not give away all about yourself to any random stranger you meet.

Keep an eye open, and do not venture out alone at night if you are strange to that place. Carry locks to secure your bags. Have a small pouch with yourself at all times with the passport and some cash.

Don’t Wear Jewels 

You may feel comfortable wearing your jewels at your home. Your wallet might carry all the money too. But it is advisable to spread the cash pile across different pieces or places of the luggage. Avoid flaunting your expensive clothes, bags, or jewels at all times to remain safe.

These are some essential tips for first-time travelers or backpackers to ensure they remain safe while also moving around quickly.

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