Premade Meal Services In California

Premade meal delivery services are starting to give the traditional restaurant industry a run for its money, and California is leading the charge. The foodie scene in California is bigger and more diverse than just about anywhere else, and this is a state that also tends to be very picky with their nutritional requirements and dietary restrictions.

L.A. is the beating heart of California’s meal delivery service boom, but that doesn’t mean that Hollywood has a lockdown on services. New services are disappearing nearly as soon as they crop up, but you can be pretty certain that there will always be a meal delivery service that’s suited to your specific needs.

Cali’s food delivery businesses are as diverse and selective as they are vast, but that also means your options can be hard to navigate. Here are some of the trends currently dominating the California market.

Star Power

Everybody wants to be somebody in Los Angeles, so it’s no surprise that every other meal delivery company in California is trying to chase down a celebrity endorsement. The quality of these endorsements can vary. Kooshi Gourmet’s chef has served as the personal chef to both Kobe Bryant and Bill Gates, while Sunfare has earned praise from Kim Kardashian and Mark Wahlberg.

In either case, celebrity backing often brings with it a premium price, and there’s little reason to believe that any Wahlberg understands your unique tastes and dietary considerations seriously. Both Kooshi and Sunfare are actually quality products, but we think that cruising over a company’s menu can tell you a lot more about your interest in them than which celebrity is singing their praises.

Options Tailored to Any Diet

If you have special dietary considerations, there’s a good chance there’s an option for you. And while larger food delivery companies like Blue Apron offer vegetarian and vegan options as well as the option to filter meals by dietary restrictions, California has a whole host of companies that are specialized on the sometimes precise diets that their customers follow.

In a state where body image is often a top priority, it’s only natural that companies have cropped up to take advantage of that market.

Companies like Z.E.N. Foods and Territory Foods both employ the sort of strict nutritional standards that will appeal even the most precise calorie counter, and the latter is even filtered specifically for the needs of Crossfit enthusiasts. And prepared meal delivery services like Thistle offer the same rich menu that comparable companies do while managing to make sure that all of their meals are appropriate for vegans.

A Focus on Sustainability

If there’s one thing that Californians care about more than their bodies, it’s their environment – and prepared meal delivery services in California tend to be very conscientious about the impact their services are having on the greater world.

Fortunately, if you want to reduce your ecological footprint, plenty of companies are willing to oblige. Brands like the aforementioned Thistle and Sexy Lunch Club only use biodegradable containers for their deliveries.

This healthier and more humane approach to meal delivery extends to the farm side of things as well. If anyone’s going to create a vision for a sustainable future of meal delivery, it’s California, and plenty of brands boast that their livestock is humanely raised and their crops raised without pesticides or GMOs.

The best thing about California’s prepared meal delivery scene may also be the worst thing: the variety. While you can find plenty of companies that are suited to your dietary restrictions, parsing through them can be a bit more difficult. We recommend you take the time to dig deeper, narrow down your options, and not just seek out the most obvious option.

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