Post Pandemic Vacation – Important things to keep in mind

Lockdown restrictions are getting lifted and cities and towns are coming back to life. Everyone is quite excited about one thing that the lockdown didn’t allow them to do- take a vacation. Before holidayers begin to start hunting for a travel loan or personal loan and checking personal loan interest rates for the same, some guidelines need to be kept in mind.

  • The essential sanitization kit

Masks, hand gloves, sanitizers, tissue papers are a must in a travel kit bag. It is also advised to have a few clean sheets that can be used to sit on while using public transport, to avoid touching surfaces as much as possible.

  • Online payments

To avoid contact and also enjoy special offers, it is advisable to make all bookings and payments online. This also includes personal loan for travel or travel loan. Personal loan interest rates and EMIs can easily be checked online as well.

  • Social distancing

Whether standing in a line or visiting an outdoor destination, one must be careful of social distancing protocol at all times. Not following it could put others’ lives at risk as well.

  • Updates about travel policies

Cancellation, refund, bookings, and other policies are constantly being updated as travel companies, hotels, and restaurants are trying to figure out best practices for post-pandemic services. It is crucial to stay updated for a smooth vacation experience, while also planning in advance for a personal loan or travel loan and checking personal loan interest rates, EMIs, policies, etc.

  • Information is essential

One must conduct research and figure out the safest mode of transport, all government and organizational rules to be followed in each place, rules set by international authorities, etc. Every country or city might have some specific rules which are best researched in advance to be prepared for a hassle-free trip.

If the trip is spontaneous, research is still mandatory. As far as finance is concerned, a personal loan for travel can easily be availed online after checking personal loan interest rates and calculating the EMI.

  • Aarogya Setu app

For all Indians, it is mandatory to have the Aarogya Setu app set up by the government for citizens’ safety. It might be checked at the airport and other travel/tourism destinations, and not having it installed might cause unnecessary issues.

  • Carrying food

In the post-pandemic world, there could be lesser cabin service on flights and other modes of transport as well, in order to minimize contact. It would be prudent to carry sufficient food supplies for the journey. Plus, if the old hawkers and restaurants near tourist places might not all be there, so being stocked is important.


The world is not going to stop because of a pandemic, however it is only going to change for the better. Travel will now become safer and holidays will feel more secure with added health measures.

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