How Phosphorus Genomic Testing Has Helped Contain COVID-19

Since late last year, the world has faced one of its biggest public health challenges: fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has affected almost every country in the world through rapid infection. It has even overwhelmed countries with top-rated healthcare systems because experts have not yet developed either a cure or a vaccine.

COVID-19 Containment Measures

Scientists and researchers continue to work day and night to develop containment methods to curb the virus’s spread. Biotech companies, including Phosphorus Genomics, have joined in the fight by providing state-of-the-art testing solutions. The World Health Organization has also collaborated with many countries in setting up measures to contain the disease as experts work on a vaccine.

Social distancing and banning public gatherings are some of the measures that can drastically reduce the rate of the virus’s spread. Most countries imposed curfews and lockdowns a few months ago, but continued to relax these steps as they flatten the COVID-19 curve. The beauty is that test kits’ availability is the primary factor that has helped contain the coronavirus. Testing numerous people has helped in identifying the sequence of the spread, especially the hotspots.

Phosphorus Genomics’s Advanced Testing System

Phosphorus diagnostics and other biotech firms have developed top-rated and efficient COVID-19 testing methods. Recently, Phosphorus launched a more comfortable testing method than the throat and nasal swabs currently in use in the US. Phosphorus’s COVID-19 saliva test kits introduce a more efficient testing method that doesn’t require booking an appointment or waiting in line.

In New York, the firm has collaborated with Albertsons Companies, the famous grocery outlet from Boise, Idaho. According to Phosphorus, people can collect the saliva test kits available at Albertsons Cos. outlets and send them back with the samples. The beauty is that the patients conduct comfortable tests from the comfort of their homes. The FDA approved testing method would increase the number of tested patients significantly. Phosphorus company has assured patients of total privacy in the testing method.

The Testing Procedure

The first step involves collecting a saliva-based test kit at a designated location or ordering one at Patients who choose to collect their test kit from a local Albertsons Cos. pharmacy must fill out a questionnaire on the website. Albertsons Cos. will contact the patient after reviewing the questionnaire to either pick up the kit or arrange for delivery. Pharmacists advise patients showing COVID-19 symptoms to choose delivery or send someone close to them to collect their kit.

Patients receive their results within three days. Currently, the pharmacy can only process cash payments. Insured patients may submit their receipts to their health insurance company for compensation. GVP of Albertsons Cos. Pharmacy, Dan Salemi, and Phosphorus CEO and co-founder Alex Bisignano have confirmed this COVID-19 testing method.

Sequencing the DNA Data

Phosphorus applies top-notch genomics to improve human health. Upon receiving your sample, lab technicians analyze the genes from the saliva’s DNA. Phosphorus’s system uses advanced algorithms to provide accurate results.

Receiving Your Genetic Report

The Phosphorus Diagnostics clinical laboratory team looks for high-risk genetic variations that might contribute to other health conditions, as well. The Phosphorus team sends the analyzed report back to the patient with their test results and further instructions. Phosphorus then connects any patients with high-risk genetic variations to a board-certified genetic counsellor for additional guidance.

About Phosphorus

Alex Bisignano and Dr. Santiago Munne established the firm in 2016. The company applies their high-level expertise in interpreting complex genetic data to provide accurate health solutions to patients. It has continued to develop groundbreaking health initiatives that have revolutionized the industry.

Phosphorus also works with like-minded partners to ensure the smooth delivery of their services. In addition to Albertsons Cos., Phosphorus has collaborated with the Citizen mobile app to develop SafePass, a feature that enhances COVID-19 contact tracing, among other initiatives.

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