Common Issues During Bathroom Remodelling Projects and How to Deal With Them

You can’t expect a bathroom remodelling project to be smooth. You will experience issues along the way, but there’s no need to panic. It is natural to face these problems, after all. What you can do is be wise in determining the solutions. Here are the common issues and what you can do to stop them.

Unavailability of bathroom accessories

You have a vision of how you want the bathroom to look like. There’s nothing wrong with planning every detail until you feel satisfied with the results. However, it’s possible that your preferred items aren’t available yet. Local stores might not have your desired furniture or accessories. The good thing is you can always go online. Quality options are available there, whether you want to buy a walk in shower enclosure or a freestanding bath. You should also be open to alternatives. You don’t have to force yourself to stick with items that aren’t available anywhere. You also don’t want to delay the project until your preferred pieces are there.

The estimated cost is inaccurate

The reason why your contractor will only give you an estimated cost is that anything can happen. There might be a sudden price change from the suppliers. It can go up or down, depending on the negotiations. There might also be some details you wish to add that could impact the price. Set aside enough money so that you won’t have to halt the project if the estimate is inaccurate.

You do not see the desired results

You should be present to supervise the process. You can’t wait until the project is close to completion before doing anything about it. Inform your contractor once you realise that things aren’t going as planned. There might be some changes halfway through the project that will save everything. Be polite in expressing your frustration. Some issues might only be a result of miscommunication and are easy to correct.

The timeline isn’t accurate

Your contractor will also tell you about the estimated time to complete the project. You should only agree to the details when you feel satisfied with the plan. If you’re way behind the timeline, let your contractor know about it. You should also go back to the documents signed at the beginning regarding the schedule. Contractors will face the consequences of the delays.

Unexpected issues

Remodelling encompasses every aspect of your bathroom. It’s not only about physical appearance. Even if the bathroom looks fascinating, there might still be problems in some other areas. Hence, it’s critical to deal with unexpected issues, especially those related to plumbing. You might have to spend more to fix them, but it’s better to deal with the problem now. Besides, some aspects of your project won’t proceed unless you resolve the issues.

Again, there’s no need to panic after seeing these problems. Your contractor will be there to help. Always raise issues once you see them. Don’t hesitate to communicate with the contractor if you notice issues or decide to go in a different direction.

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