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Did you know Whitebox Creative Agency has been enabling businesses to grow exponentially? Several partnerships have been forged in the past few years, and the agency has been doing an exceptional job. From increasing social media presence to boosting sales, the team has tricks to take your social media to the next level. Want to know some of their most successful client stories? Keep reading this post.

Increasing Social Media Following For Lauren’s Handmade Jewellery

Lauren started her business as a handmade jewelry maker some years ago and desperately sought help to grow her socials. While her business had grown enough due to word of mouth, it couldn’t reach many people. Working with Whitebox Creative Agency changed the game for her entire business. They helped her create a monthly content calendar and strategy based on my audience, which increased my sales by 40%. And not just that, she got a massive boost in engagement, which made her business truly profitable once again.

Boosting Sales For David’s Coffee Roastery

David was a new entrepreneur when he visited Florida for the first time. He was an expert in managing a coffee roastery but did not know how to grow his presence digitally. He opened his coffee shop in the city’s heart only to find a few customers during the weekend. That’s when he knew he had to go to Whitebox Creative. Being a part of the agency helped him immensely. They helped him create a content strategy that showcased his unique blends and attracted coffee lovers from across the city. Not only that, his online sales soared, and he became the best coffee shop in his area.

Increasing Enrollments For Sarah’s Yoga Studio

Sarah is an expat from the UK who visited India recently to start her yoga studio. She started doing an outstanding job because she had a close group of friends who promoted and supported her business. But soon, things began to fall apart when she saw a drop in monthly enrollments. When a friend told her about Whitebox Creative, her whole game changed. With the best team of experts strategizing her social media, she got more enrollments and a lot more online sign-ups for her yoga class.

Growing Cynthia’s Fashion Boutique

Growing a fashion boutique is not as easy as it seems, but with the help of Whitebox Creative, Cynthia was able to make her brand shine online. From building her website to kickstarting her social media, they grew her audience by giving her a 50% boost. Not just that, the research and success of her brand have been much higher than before.

Fetching New Customers For Linda

Linda’s new restaurant could not create ripples on social media initially but later began reaching new heights with the help of Whitebox Creative. With the right social media strategy, website, influencer marketing, and partnerships, her restaurant saw a growth in takeout orders and a 45% increase in reservations. Not just that, there was a 30% growth in takeaway orders, and more people began dropping their reviews regarding the restaurant on social media.

So, after reading these testimonials, do you also want to get services from Whitebox Creative? Well, now is the right time. Get in touch with the expert team right now by scheduling a consultation call and get all the tips and expertise you need to succeed in your business. Start now.

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